My supplemental reading packet was created in a blog format, the easiest and most efficient way of sharing information. When someone visits, they notice at the top, twenty-one different categories about LGBT issues ranging from aging to youth. I simply copied and pasted articles with their sources referenced into the blog and categorized them so they can easily be found. My website has already been visited by several people and the articles have been liked and shared. People can share the articles on Facebook and Twitter and can comment their reaction to the article. Not only does the blog contain insightful articles on LGBT issues, but also information graphics and videos to further explain each topic.

I was fairly familiar with some of the issues I researched, but some of issues that are not discussed much stood out to me the most. For example the issue of aging LGBT people. An article from discussed a congressional briefing about issues facing elderly LGBT people done by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders. Over their lifetime they’ve been discriminated against and lack the same support system that protect the heterosexual aging population like unequal legal status or spousal rights. Also HRC breakdown the issues of aging of LGBT people clearly on their website, “Discrimination in housing, employment, and healthcare has made many LGBT older adults vulnerable to an increased risk for social isolation and higher poverty rates.” Most tend think that marriage equality affects only younger generation, and most forget about how older generation have had to cope without the legal status of marriage and how its led to depression and poverty. For example the HRC stated that same sex couple are denied approximately fourteen thousand dollars a year from social security benefits. As a young person, Its hard for me to understand what its like for elderly people struggling financially because they don’t receive the same benefits.

Also something I found interesting was how involved the White House is with the issue of HIV/AIDS. On their website they list strategies to how they plan to battle the epidemic of AIDS. The HRC estimates that 52 percent of infections are from gay and bisexual men and the black men and two times greater risk than white men. The statistics are startling.

Another issue that is not that visible, is the global LGBT rights movement. We live in the USA bubble and rarely hear or see what goes on beyond our borders. Right now the president of France has stated that he will try to legalize same sex marriage and he has been hit with much backlash from politicians and religious leaders. Africa, a continent in which 70 countries have outlaws homosexuality, is where the first country, South Africa, in the world added rights into it’s constitution to protect gays and lesbians. Since then, 192 states in the UN have add equality to their countries constitutions. This issue is not just being fought for here in the U.S. but all over the world. We tend to think the gay rights movement began here but its happening all over the world and its gaining momentum.  Before long all LGBT people will be free from inequality.


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